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Elevate your life

Your story is still being written...

If you were to look at your life as a whole, what would you see? In holistic medicine practitioners look at the entire body, one’s lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits, and every piece of the puzzle before treatment. This idea of looking at every aspect and how one part of your life transfers over to all parts is the basis of life coaching.  If one part of the ecosystem is slightly out of alinement, it can have a profound effect on the entire ecosystem. Working together to discover where shifts in being and context can elevate your life as a whole is where we start. The journey itself is what we create together.

G.R.E.E. is my 1:1 coaching offering. It is a four-month journey where we partner together to make real lasting sustainable shifts in being. The very word gree means mastery, on this journey you are the master and expert in your life. As your coach I am your partner, my role is to challenge your old ways of thinking and being, to be with you in support, and hold you accountable for the shifts that you want to make.

If community is what you are looking for then my Group Coaching Offering my be what you need. Participating in group coaching is not all that dissimilar to 1:1 coaching. What it provides that is different is community. Women empowering other women, women speaking their truths to witnesses and for each other, and women holding space for other women just to be in process. These community group coaching spaces create live long community and powerful shifts. 

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