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The Road Less Traveled 

Erica’s instinctive ability to connect with people in meaningful and deep ways is at the heart and soul of her work. Guiding individuals to drive their own changes, helping each person identify and pursue their path of transformation to a leader is the foundation of Erica’s life coaching practice.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Erica moved across the country to New York City to pursue a career as a New York hair stylist. Erica swiftly rose in prominence, working on high profile fashion shows such as the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, as well as having her work featured in multiple Conde Nast brand and other publication brands including covers and multi-page spread features.  Establishing herself as a top salon stylist and educator, Erica found a passion in connecting with and serving her clients as well as a joy in mentoring apprentices and watching them grow to build their own successful careers.

Erica credits much of her quickly achieved success to working with an Accomplishment Coaching life coach. She also came to realize that much of her work satisfaction came from mentoring others, and as a leader, had begun to outgrow her work in the hair industry. With her skillset in education and the personal experience of transforming her own career from very small beginnings to the “big time in the big city,” she decided to put her real passion to work helping others pursue and achieve their dreams. With the harsh reality experience of starting right at the beginning with little to no resources and with the world and her goals looking ominous, far away, and impossible, Erica is excited to support others in overcoming the greatest of challenges to realize their dreams. She knows what it takes, that each journey is unique and personal, and that everyone can get through life’s difficulties and find their own success and victory.

Erica lives in Brooklyn with her husband, 2-year-old son and their rescue dog Wilma. 

About Me: About Me
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